Is the Low-Carb Flu Real?

Is the Low-Carb Flu Real?

In short, yes. There’s no hard and fast rule about who will experience symptoms associated with carb withdrawal (a.k.a. the “keto flu”), but it’s important to understand why it happens. In 1700, the average American was eating about five pounds of sugar per year. But by 1900, our sweet tooth was in full swing and we were consuming upwards of 70 pounds every year. Today, this number has ballooned to more than 100 pounds of sugar annually — that’s more than 40 teaspoons a day.

This toxic substance comes by many names — everything from barley malt to fruit juice — but its effects are clear. Most Americans today consume so much sugar and refined carbohydrates that their bodies have been metabolically rewired to burn sugar for energy and store the excess as fat. Breaking this vicious cycle can sometimes knock the body out of balance and cause fatigue and flu-like systems while the body transitions to burning fat. This feeling typically lasts a few days.

One way to help manage these symptoms is to consume PrimaForce BHB – a great tasting and convenient fuel source for those on, or transitioning to, a low-carb or ketogenic diet. Consume PrimaForce BHB during afternoon energy “slumps,” or during exercise, to help fuel mental and physical performance.

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