What Is the Keto Diet?

What Is the Keto Diet?


High-protein, low-calorie, fat-free, low-fat, no-fat, skim, organic sugar (Hmm, that’s like smoking an organic cigarette).  Decades of an inherently flawed nutrition pyramid has misguided consumers to lead an unhealthy life.  Add to this the onslaught of sports drinks and “energy” drinks and you’ll see that our society is literally sprinting to an early grave – with a glucose monitor hanging from its arm.

So, when did fat become the bad guy?  Does eating fat make you fat?

Anyone who’s tried to lose weight or simply tried to eat better has faced frustration, mixed results, and borderline starvation. Keto embraces fat – big time! 75% of your diet is fat, yeah, FAT! Twenty percent is protein and only 5% of your diet is carbs. Wow, that sounds crazy (compared to the carb-riddled food pyramid). But, as you start to understand how your body processes calories, you’ll see that fat is where it’s at.

A keto diet is different for several reasons, but the main difference is that you won’t walk around feeling starved. Why? Fat is satiating! A keto diet isn’t about cutting calories (unless you want to for weight loss), it’s about the macros. 

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